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Technology that eliminates complexity in managing funds, data, and servicing between credit issuers, financial institutions, and the capital that supports them.

We build systems and provide solutions to help with payments, data, and servicing. Essentially, we do the things most people in the industry don’t want to, and we do them well. As data scientists, software engineers, and operations specialists our aim is finding new ways to eliminate points of friction and inefficient processes between our customers and the institutions they rely on.


We believe that a great solution is irrelevant without exceptional service delivery. We apply this approach to everything we do so, no matter what you do, a partnership with Carmel should add value to your business and make your life easier.


Carmel allows businesses to work directly with banks in ways they typically can’t.

Our digital banking platform reduces overhead, accelerates funds exchange with lenders, and gives financial institutions the ability to offer in-house payment solutions to their largest and most sophisticated originators. Our APIs provide access to our extensive partner bank network and beyond with integrations to Jack Henry, Fiserv, Q2, FIS, and directly to Fed.


  • High Volume Same Day & Next Day ACH
  • Batch Wire
  • Credit & Debit Cards

Funds Flow Automation

  • Custodial & Virtual Bank Accounts
  • Account Aggregation & Segregation
  • Ledgering



Carmel enables capital providers to lend with confidence, and businesses to focus on growth.

Our successor servicing, lending, and reporting solutions automate the data that businesses, financial institutions, and lenders need to work cohesively. We’re not only there for you in case of an emergency, but also to make sure everyone is on the same page to prevent one.

Backup Servicing

  • Cold, Warm, & Hot Backup
  • Data Verification
  • Document Storage

Collateral & Reporting

  • Performance Reporting
  • Eligibility & Covenant Compliance
  • Borrowing Base & Concentration Limits

Paying Agent

  • Collection & Reconciliation
  • Investor Waterfall
  • Funds Distribution

use cases

Whether we’re providing collateral administration for a fund, payment solutions for a financial institution, or backup servicing for a startup, our approach is grounded in a genuine curiosity about the needs of our customers and a contagious enthusiasm to fulfill them.

  • Consumer and commercial lending
  • Funds and specialty finance lenders
  • Collateralized credit facilities
  • Earned wage access programs
  • Buy now pay later solutions
  • Corporate spend & expense management platforms
  • Bank sponsored lending
  • Bank and non-bank FIs


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If you are interested in learning more about Carmel and what we can do for you please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.