Payment protection through technology and focus

ACH Processing

We deliver ACH credit, debit, and prenotification services to our clients to enable them to add processor redundancy and protect their largest payment channel. We adapt to each client by exchanging the data and reports that best fit our clients' systems and processes, which enables a rapid and seamless implementation. We then select both a primary and a backup bank from our sponsor institutions, allowing us to switch from one to the other during any processing cycle should an interruption occur with a particular bank.

Wire Transfer

Through our same day origination solution we enable our clients to provide their customers with immediate funding in an economical and operationally efficient manner. We process wires in bulk throughout the business day eliminating the need to manually enter individual wire transfers. As with ACH, we simplify the inbound and outbound data formatting and select primary and secondary banks for each client to avoid processing interruption.

Backup Servicing

We work with our clients and their lenders to document the business rules and data necessary to transfer primary servicing to Cs in the case of servicer default. We leverage our Parsimony system to validate, store, and report on that data while we are the backup servicer and, if called upon to assume the role of primary servicer, Parsimony becomes the active system of record. While working as the master servicer, we monitor and manage our performing, default prevention, and post-default sub-servicers. All ACH activity is processed by Cs to accelerate cash flow to our clients.